Pall Corporation

Pall Corporation is a global leader in high-tech filtration, separation, and purification, serving the diverse needs of customers across the broad spectrum of industries.

High Flow Particulate Filters


Pall High Flow filters are large diameter, coreless, depth or pleated media cartridges, designed to effectively remove large volumes of contamination down to 2μm in size, in applications including Power, Oil and Gas and Chemicals



Pall Coalescers help separate different liquid phases (liquid-liquid coalescer) or remove liquids from a gas stream (liquid-gas coalescer) without risk of disarming.

Lube and Hydraulic Filter Elements


Pall’s high performance lube and hydraulic filter elements quickly remove solid contaminants and provide reliable oil cleanliness levels for the full service life of the filter

Oil Purifiers


Our HNP & HDP portable oil purification systems support the removal of free and dissolved water and gases, and particulate contaminants in lube oil, hydraulic fluid or insulating oils. Additionally our VRF systems can help prevent the damaging effects of varnish in lube systems

Pall Rentals and Services – Fast, Flexible and CAPEX free


Take back control of contamination on critical process assets without delay and with the full support of local experts, to safeguard output, to improve final product quality, and without the CAPEX burden of purchase

Technologies for Energy Transition


Discover the Pall filtration technologies supporting the global transition to green energy, not only in wind and solar but also in hydrogen, carbon capture, biofuels and electric storage. Pall’s holistic approach unlocks critical solutions— to enable a greener planet and better world.

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