Slurry filtration for defect reduction and process stability in semiconductor processes

Cutting-Edge technology

Pall CMP Filtration Provides Defect Reduction and Process Stability

Pall CMP Filters are designed to maximize many different semiconductor processes performance by controlling the size, and concentration of slurry particles. Cutting edge CMP filtration technologies lead to higher yields and less defects. By implementing industry leading filter designs, slurry particle size, and quantity of Large Particle Counts (LPCs) can be controlled to specified process parameters.


Effective filtering leads to a reduction in defects and process. Defectivity is one of the most important issues CMP engineers deal with in their process. These defects negatively affect yield rate, causing customers time and money. Pall's premium CMP products provide better retention and more consistent performance than other options. This combination of retention and quality improvement leads to an overall reduction on Cost of Ownership. Pall’s experts work to maximize your site’s filtering schemes to increase filter throughput both at the slurry supplier and the device manufacturer whether at the point of use of a CMP tool of in the slurry distribution system.




The Pall Kleen-Change® In-Line filter capsule is a great solution for point of use CMP applications.. Its customizable media allows for use in many critical planarization processes. Profile Nano filters are manufactured using the finest meltblown fibers in the industry, which allows for improved defect reduction vs. other melt-blown products. These filters were developed to optimize the grading of the individual zones of the filter. Each zone within the filter has its own specification, ensuring more consistent particle loading throughout the filter's depth. CMP Starkleen Nano filter capsules incorporate all the technical benefits of the Profile Nano technology, including finest fibers and optimized grading with specifications, with the added benefit of size and fitting customization for customer point of use applications. The capsule is available in 4.5", 8.5" and 13" lengths with flaretek and NPT fittings. 




Slurry filters are normally situated in three locations in a semiconductor polishing system: 1) in the slurry recirculation/global loop, 2) at the point-of-use (POU) where a capsule filter is installed closer to the polish tool, and 3) from the slurry suppliers tote/drum to the day tank. Pall Corporation offers a variety of media and configurations for both bulk and POU applications to enable substrate/media producers to meet ultra-smooth wafer requirements. By implementing premium filtering systems, process stability can be achieved.




  • Enhanced process control and stability
  • Increased area/process efficiency
  • Extended filter life (or slurry throughput)
  • Reduction in defects
  • Extended Slurry Delivery System PM frequencies


Pall CMP Filters are designed to maximize semiconductor process performance. Contact us to learn more about Pall’s industry leading filtration technology to maximize your processes performance. 

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