Pall’s Pegasus™ Prime: Highly efficient clearance of large and small enveloped and non-enveloped viruses

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Protect your critical manufacturing processes, ensure drug quality, and help guarantee patient safety with the help of Pall’s Pegasus™ Prime filters - consistent and robust virus retention. Simplify your development and manufacturing processes while delivering sustainable economy at all scales.


  • Reliable: Robust, high LRV for total confidence
  • Simple: Irradiated and ready to use
  • Economic: Reduced virus filter spend


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“Join the ten other pharmaceutical companies already using GMP scale Pegasus Prime devices in June 2018. Pegasus Prime was launched in 2016. In 2017: 5 pharmaceutical companies were using GMP scale Pegasus Prime devices (0,1 m2 or larger). By June 2018 this doubled to 10 companies, of which Mycenax and Probiogen have granted their permission to be named. Since launch, over 50 virus validation study results have been fed back to Pall, all with > 6 LRV for mammalian virus when spiked at > 6 logs.”


The unique pre-sterilized Pegasus™ Prime Virus Removal Filters and filter capsules are designed for highly efficient clearance of large and small enveloped and non-enveloped viruses, from biological solutions. They combine robust, high viral clearance with high flow rate for biological fluids providing an economical solution.

Pall Pegasus Protect virus prefiltration membrane is tailored to provide protection to Pegasus Prime virus filters and to deliver the highest level of robust filter performance in more challenging process fluids. The combination of Pegasus Protect and Pegasus Prime filters increases throughput and leads to a reduction in processing costs by a reduction in virus filter sizing and processing times.