Colloidal Beer Stabilization

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Colloidal Beer Stability for Optimum Shelf Life

Today consumers expect a beer with a long shelf life free of changes in clarity and appearance. Colloidal stability, in addition to microbial stability, is the main influencing quality criteria for a sufficient shelf life of packaged beer. 


Polypeptides and polyphenols found in beer interact to impact colloidal stability, producing visible haze in the product and therefore reducing shelf life.


Polyphenols in beer play an important role in forming haze compounds. To control the level of polyphenols, brewers use PVPP as adsorbents for stabilization. 


Pall’s success with classical PVPP stabilization systems made selection of a PVPP-based technology an obvious choice for development of a new continuous system solution.


The newly developed Pall CBS (Continuous Beer Stabilization) system is a flexible polyphenol stabilization solution for batch and continuous operation, providing precise stabilization effectiveness combined with reliable colloidal beer stability at the lowest cost and negligible beer losses.  





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Literature Library

Continuous Beer Stabilization (CBS) System





When it comes to beer shelf life, brewers seek to affect the product as little as possible and only as much as necessary. This new CBS technology provides the perfect balance between optimum colloidal beer stability with minimum change in beer composition.


Pall’s Continuous Beer Stabilization (CBS) System combines proven materials for beer stabilization (PVPP) with a new technology, enabling continuous stabilization of all kinds of beer. 


This streamlined process also enhances product consistency and maximizes throughput at volumes ranging from 100 hl to 600 hl per hour. It can be easily integrated with continuously operating membrane-based beer clarification systems and allows flexible handling of varying stabilization demands for different types of beer. Operation is batch mode is also an option. 


The newly developed stabilization solution combines well proven PVPP stabilizer and its related regeneration sequences with a new smart operation process and system design. 




CBS systems operate with high quality PVPP from a premium supplier. The PVPP is caged in a stainless steel cassette as a fixed bed adsorber for multiple use. Between 20 and 30 cassettes are installed in a housing – representing one stabilization column. Three to six columns build a process unit, which is connected to a valve knot and a CIP unit. 


During processing, the columns are operated in an alternated sequence, with varying throughput. Columns may be in regeneration or standby mode. The combination of alternating sequences combined with controlled flux variations per column results in a continuous process with a highly precise stabilization effectiveness.


During the beer stabilization process, precise polyphenol reduction and beer stability is assured by varying the flow through the individual columns, utilizing maximum PVPP adsorber efficiency.


The compact design with a throughput/volume ratio of 15:1 results in rapid switching between brands and significantly reduces beer and beer extract losses.


Oxygen pick up is minimal from the start due to the compact design and seamless switch between de-aerated water and beer at the process start, end and brand changes.


The CBS system is designed compactly to occupy a smaller footprint, requires low investment cost and improves operational costs. The small system hold up lowers chemical, water, and energy consumption and eliminates the need for CIP tanks.


The CBS is an easy to operate beer stabilization system with a fully automated process providing up to 20 standard programs for stabilizing all types of beer. The wired and piped stabilization columns support fast and easy installation and commissioning.