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While the trend for organic olive oil sees consumers willing to pay for higher quality oils, consumers are also interested in the authenticity of the products. A growing number of consumers are interested in specific olive oil origins and production regions, which impacts their market potential. A growing trend is to produce monovarietal olive oils - olive oils made from only one variety of olive oil rather than a blend - as celebrity chefs and olive oil experts influence consumers to buy better quality oils.

The Olive Oil Masterclass


For the growing connoisseur, the choice of olive oil can make or break a dish. Across Europe, new olive oil tasting courses are becoming increasingly popular and are helping to develop consumer knowledge about premium or high-quality oils. In addition, olive oil enthusiasts can learn how to distinguish between positive and negative traits in oils. Some specialist olive oil shops offer in-house tasting and will provide specific information about products and origins to help consumers ensure they are buying the premium oil they desire.

Premiumization of olive oil is not just limited to monovarietal olive oils. Consumers are also interested in premium products that experiment with new flavors.  Increasingly, olive oil products are infused with aromatic ingredients like garlic and chili, while flavors like lime, truffle, pesto, curry, and rosemary have also become popular. However, this is a time-consuming process, requiring careful filtration to ensure that the flavoring agents are preserved.


Increasing the Value of Olive Oil with Pall SUPRApak™ Technology


Cost-effectively producing high-quality olive oil while reducing product loss is the biggest challenge facing olive oil producers today. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is highly sensitive to impurities and oxygen. During production, it is essential to reduce turbidity, moisture, and wax content, as well as other impurities. When these are present in olive oil, its appearance and shelf life suffer adversely, negatively affecting the oil's perceived value on the market.



To find out more about the key trends in olive oil production and our filtration solutions to help maintain stability and quality, take a look at our olive oil bulletin.




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