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October 2019
Parts2Clean - Automotive

Exhibition Grounds Stuttgart, Hall 7 und 9 Messepiazza, Stuttgart

Parts2clean 2019, Stuttgart is the leading international trade fair for industrial component cleanliness and surface cleaning, showcasing the latest innovations, products and technologies in the areas of cleaning, maintenance, recycling and disposal and offer practical and user-specific solutions. 


Returning for the 13th consecutive year, we are pleased to present our latest and full range of Component Cleanliness Cabinets. Our Experts in Cleanliness Management will also be available to answer questions that you may have on cleanliness specifications and standards, best practices to implement in your plant, etc. 


 As last year, we will be joind by our sister company Leica to offer you a complete and high performance solution for your component cleanliness assessment.


The exhibition is complemented by the parts2clean expert forum where speakers from industry, academia and research present new developments, identify solutions and ways to optimize processes and costs.