Improved production quality, efficiency and environmental protection

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Equipment in the metal manufacturing industry are susceptible to operation malfunctioning and require more money spent on maintenance due to solid, liquid, and dissolved contaminants in hydraulic, lube and aqueous solutions. Hydraulic, lubricant, coolant, and other fluid systems common in the processing of primary metals are particularly at risk. Pall Corporation has developed a Total Cleanliness Management (TCM) program to ensure fluid cleanliness in metal manufacturing. The program involves the integration of Pall purification products and services to increase reliable performance and improve production quality, efficiency, and environmental protection, saving the industry money in overall operating costs.


Improved production quality, efficiency and environmental protection


Our oil purifiers reduce fluid oxidation and aeration in hydraulic and lubrication systems, extending the life of these systems and increasing their reliability. The purifiers also reduce acid formation, preventing corrosion. They effectively remove 100% of free water and gases and up to 80% of dissolved water and gases. 


We offer a variety of purifiers that are compatible for a range of applications. Benefits include extension of fluid life, reduced time for fluid changes, reduced fluid disposal, minimized corrosion, and increased equipment reliability.

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The Pall HNP075 Series oil purifier is an ideal choice for medium to large oil systems using high viscosity fluids. Vacuum dehydration is used to remove 100% of free water, up to 90% of dissolved water, 100% of free and entrained gases, and up to 80% of dissolved gases. This dehydration method is the most cost effective without burning or otherwise negatively impacting oil properties. 


Pall’s Athalon™ Filters offer stress-resistant filtering and a full range of housings to effectively optimize contest cyclic flow, dirt loading, and fluid cleanliness in metal manufacturing. Laid over pleat (LOP) filter media maximizes the filtration surface area, thereby increasing the capability for flow handling. As compared to competitor products, Athalon filters provide the longest sustained fluid cleanliness on the market.


Our oil filtration and purification products protect metals and metal producing equipment from damage and contamination. For more information, click here to see purchase information or talk to a Pall expert.

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