Mycoplasma Reduction

3 Product Families

Acrodisc® Syringe Filters with Supor® Membrane

Syringe Filters with High Flow Rates and Low Protein Binding


  • Superior flow rates and higher throughputs than competitive devices.
  • Low protein binding to minimize sample loss.
  • Pre-sterilized products are sterilized by gamma irradiation to eliminate potential contamination by EtO residuals.
  • A range of sizes (13 to 37 mm) accommodates sample volumes from < 10 to 150 mL.


25 Part numbers available

AcroPak™ 500, 1000, & 1500 Capsules with Supor® Membrane

Fast, Final Filtration and High Throughputs for Liquid Volumes Up To 150 L


  • Provides higher throughputs and faster flow rates than similarly-sized competitive devices
  • Ideal for solutions requiring low protein binding
  • Saves money by increasing throughput with available built-in prefilter
  • 100% integrity testing assures sterile filtrate


10 Part numbers available

AcroCap™ Positive Pressure Devices

Fast, Positive-Pressure Filtration of Aqueous Solutions Up To 3 L


  • Integral hydrophobic vent prevents air lock.
  • Sterilization by gamma irradiation eliminates the risk of cytotoxic residuals from EtO sterilization.
  • Reduce mycoplasma. Choose 0.1 μm pore size Supor® membrane.
  • Compatible with most positive-pressure systems. Inlet accepts 6.4 mm (1/4 in.) tubing or any male slip luer.


3 Part numbers available