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Radwaste Filtration

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In nuclear power plants, effective radwaste control is critical to reducing contamination levels, personnel exposure to radiation, and disposal costs.


Unser einmaliges Sortiment an Lösungen für Filtration, Reinigung und Überwachung sowohl für Prozesse als auch hydraulische Geräte verbessert die Effizienz, Zuverlässigkeit und Sicherheit des Stanzverfahrens in der Automobilfertigung.


Radioactive waste occurs as a by-product of nuclear power generation. The limited availability of radwaste disposal sites and disposal space means it’s important to manage waste efficiently. Sub-micron filtration technology has proven effective at out-of-core radiation control. Pall’s advanced filtration solutions help nuclear power plants better manage radwaste to meet regulatory requirements, minimize radioactive exposure, and reduce operational expenses. 


Filters engineered for superior contaminant removal 


Our disposable filtration systems for nuclear power plants utilize Ultipor®GF Fine filter cartridges to provide highly effective decontamination of liquid radwaste particles down to 0,05 micron. The cartridges are disposable format filters that offer superior filtration performance and capacity with an efficiency of 99,98%, which means fewer filters are needed to achieve the desired results, decreasing costs. They are specifically designed to be easily crushed, sheared and compacted after use, further reducing the volume of waste and costs for disposal as fees are partially based on volume. Other benefits include lower labor expenses, enhanced service life of reactor coolant pump seals, and less radiation exposure to personnel.


Pall’s Ultipor®GF Fine nuclear grade filters are engineered for superior contaminant removal from liquid radwaste, having both high and low solids loading. The cartridges allow targeting of specific radioactive compounds, including Cobalt 58, Cobalt 60, and iron oxides, which occur in sizes smaller than 0,1 micron. They contain a pleated high area construction for long service life. The medium uses a binder resin which coats the glass fibers, imparting a positive zeta potential in aqueous service for higher sub-micron particle removal efficiency.


We also offer upgrades to a plant’s current radwaste filtration system and we can retrofit competitors' filters or filter assemblies with our superior products. Our durable Marksman™ filter elements have been specifically designed to retrofit bag filter housings and have finer micron ratings for enhanced filtration performance.


For more information about Pall filtration technologies for nuclear applications, click here to contact one of our experts.

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