Water Supply

Reduces the need for chemical treatment prior to Reverse Osmosis

High Quality Water Supply

 Critical Water Supply Filtration Solutions for Steam Plants

Steam Plants production is increasingly hinged upon high quality water supply. Many conventional water treatment systems do not meet the strict quality requirements for peak RO membrane operations.


High quality water supply


Besides being bulky and often difficult to operate, conventional water supply systems can take a long time to adjust to variating water quality. The Pall Aria system is a reliable, efficient, and economical system that has been engineered to provide the highest water quality. This system is turn key and can handle surface water, ground water, reclaimed water and even secondary effluent.


The Pall Aria system has a compact footprint and can reduce water supply costs through powerful reliability. 


  • Reduces the need for chemical treatment prior to Reverse Osmosis
  • Can be monitored and controlled remotely
  • Influent Flexible to handle variations in water quality and flow rates. 


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