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Filters compatible with critical chemicals used in cleaning and etching.

The Gold Standard

Ultipleat® SP DR Filters – Advanced Contaminant Control with HAPAS* Filtration Technology

Ultipleat® SP DR Filters provide advanced 2 nanometer retention in critical surface preparation chemical baths such as HF and BOE. The patented asymmetric pore design, developed using Pall’s proprietary membrane modeling technology, reduces flow resistance and provides longer service life.


Ultipleat® SP DR Filters containing HAPAS (Highly Asymmetric Polyarylsulfone) medium are effective in a wide range of dilute and aggressive chemicals. With a highly asymmetrical polyarylsulfone pore structure that decreases in size from upstream to downstream surface, membranes exhibit superior retention, high flow rates and low pressure drops. A standard gold nanoparticle challenge shows retention of particles down to 2 nanometers.




Ultipleat® SP DR Filters are compatible with critical chemicals used in cleaning and etching.

The HAPAS filtration medium provides numerous advantages over other membranes. Its dual retention technology supports adsorption and sieving. A narrow pore distribution at the final layer captures particles by size exclusion.


This design reduces flow resistance during filtration. Higher voids volume for greater holding capacity results in a longer onstream life, and a highly asymmetric structure leads to improved pressure drop features compared to isotropic membranes. The prewet membrane has a high critical wetting surface tension and diminishes dewetting potential in aqueous applications.


Key features of this product include:


  • Retention to 2 nm
  • High flow rates
  • High bath turnover rates for rapid particle removal. 


* Highly Asymmetric Polyarylsulfone


Ultipleat® SP DR Filters use advanced filtration technology to become the next generation of improved and cost-effective membranes for contaminant removal. Contact a Pall representative for information on use, applications and purchasing.


Filtration Products Compatibility


The compatibility data presented in the following Filtration Products Compatibility Guide is for general reference only. Because so many factors can affect the chemical resistance of a given product, you should pretest under your own operating conditions, observing applicable safety practices such as those given on the Material Safety Data Sheet for each chemical. In addition to consulting the guide for general compatibility information about materials, it is important to reference the individual housing rating for the various categories of fluids. For example, the PP Megaplast™ housing only has a water rating and is not recommended for chemicals. For questions about compatibility for specific applications, please contact Pall Microelectronics.


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