Barrel Char Removal for Distilled Spirits

When spirits are matured in oak barrels or casks, barrel char removal is the first important filtration step after maturation. Typically coarse depth filters with a high dirt-holding capacity are required to accommodate the wide particle size distribution and protect the downstream filtration stages.   

Pall’s large-diameter filter solutions, the Ultipleat® High Flow Filter Elements with Profile® UP media and the Profile® Coreless filter, employ melt-blown filter media. The high-area configuration of these products provides cost saving benefits including quick cartridge change-outs, simple handling, and low investment and operating costs. Additionally, with reduced plastic hardware and less water or alcohol needed for rinsing and cleaning, these filters provide sustainable low-waste options in line with the conservation programs in place in many distilleries.

Products for Barrel Char Removal

Ultipleat High Flow Filter Elements with Profile® UP media
Ultipleat High Flow 
Filter Elements with Profile® UP mediaFilter elements designed for high particle removal efficiency in high flow rate food and beverage applications.

Profile Coreless Filter
Profile Coreless Filter 
ElementsCost efficient and environmentally-friendly solution for liquid clarification applications.


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