Fermenter Broth Clarification for Food and Ingredients

Many of today’s food and feed ingredients, including amino acids, acidulants, vitamins, and yeast extract, as well as food processing aids such as enzymes are produced by biotechnological processes, with fermentation as the basis of their production. After fermentation, important steps of extracting and purifying the metabolites of interest follow. Fermenter broth clarification to remove spent cells and other suspended solids from fermenter contents is the first step.

A variety of methods ranging from centrifugation, DE (diatomaceous earth) pressure leaf filtration to crossflow membrane filtration are used. Pall addresses the wide array of such applications with technologies best suited to our customers' requirements. We offer enclosed and fully automated DE filtration systems and ceramic or polymeric crossflow filtration systems.

Crossflow systems offer unique benefits including defined performance, reduced contamination risk due to enclosed systems, high yields, and waste minimization.


Membralox® Ceramic Membranes and Modules
Membralox Ceramic Membranes and Modules High compactness of the multichannel membrane combined with high permeability allows the treatment of large volumes with high throughput.

Membralox® Ceramic Membrane Products
Pall’s Membralox ceramic membrane systems are ideal for applications in the food industry requiring relatively high suspended solids load handling, use of high temperatures or pressures, closed systems, exceptional filtrate quality, retentate stream utilization, diafiltration and long-term durability.

Microza Membranes
Microza MembranesMicroza* membranes have an asymmetric structure,with a membrane layer on the inside, and on the outside of the fiber, overlaying a core comprising a very open support for excellent flow characteristics.
*Microza is a trademark of Asahi Kasei Corporation