Final Filtration Prior to Wine Bottling

Microbial stabilization or final filtration before bottling removes microorganisms that can cause spoilage.  To ensure a clear and bright wine, Pall's final filtration solutions provides a biologically stable wine respecting the wine's flavor and unique characteristics. This final barrier ensures consistent and reproducible production runs each and every time.


Supor Beverage Filter Cartridges 
Supor Beverage filter cartridges are hydrophilic membrane filters designed for reliable retention of spoilage microorganisms in the final filtration of wine.

Ultipor® N66 Filters
Ultipor N66 filter cartridges are specifically engineered for microbial stabilization of food and beverage products.

OenoPure™ Filter Cartridges 
The Oenopure cartridge is constructed from an essentially inert media to ensure that the level of organoleptic and colloidal interference is negligible. 

MEMBRAcart XL II Filter Cartridge
MEMBRAcart XL II filter cartridges were developed and validated for the beverage industry to provide secure and reliable removal of spoilage microorganisms.
  Wine Filtration Overview

Wine Filtration Applications
Clarifying Wine Filtration
Combined Clarification and Protein Stabilization
Lees Wine Filtration
Polish Wine Filtration
Trap Filtration for Wine Filtration
Pre-Filtration Prior to Wine Bottling
Final Filtration Prior to Wine Bottling
Integrity Testing in Wine Production
Utility Filtration for the Wine Industry

Wine Filtration Products
Oenofil Filtration System
The Pall Oenofil system is a fully automated cartridge system that enables cold microbiological stabilization of wine with the highest level of process control, security and brand protection.