Pall Global Services

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Global ServicesPall, a global leader in filtration and separation technologies, offers a complete support service to the Food and Beverage industry to revolutionize the management of filtration systems. Using state-of-the art technology, our site-support engineers take full control of all aspects of fluid filtration, allowing you as a manufacturer the time to focus on what you do best – running your business.

Qualified Pall after-sales service and support ensures the smooth operation and troubleshooting of customer equipment and filtration applications. Our experts on the Pall Service Operations teamh ave ready access to our global network of scientists and engineers to leverage filtration expertise and provide rapid response to process safety needs.

Services Value Added
Process and Filter Application Developement Defines customer solutions through bench scale and pilot test programs, screening services and filterability studies
Water Appraisal Recommends methods and technology to reduce, reuse and recycle water, and quantifies the savings that can be achieved
Training Seminars Provide information that can assist in improving to improve manufacturing reliability, regulate workplace practices and help maintain compliance within regional and local legislation
Troubleshooting and Consultancy Maps the route to contamination control and cost savings by assisting plant managers in identifying specific quality and cost issues through process analysis, contamination analysis and troubleshooting services
SystemMain tenance Helps prevent unscheduled downtime and associated costs, and promote long filtration system service life