Particle Removal for Distilled Spirits

After distillation, spirits can contain particles including crystals or precipitates from blending; abrasion particles from machinery or upstream equipment; iron and copper compounds; activated carbon particles; and cell residues of plant extracts. Due to their structures, these particles can typically be removed with surface and depth filter media.

With high dirt-holding capacities, Seitz K Series filter sheets combine high throughput with long service life. For ion-sensitive spirits or in situations where it is not possible to pre-rinse or re-circulate with product prior to filtration, Pall has developed the Seitz IR Series ion reduced filter sheets. These sheets undergo Pall’s proprietary treatment process, which results in extremely low levels of extractable ions. 

Pall’s SUPRAdisc™ II modules offer a fully enclosed sheet filtration option. These modules eliminate the labor and maintenance associated with traditional plate and frame units as well as the drip losses due to the open assemblies. The unique Inside-Outside Separator technology also provides robust mechanical strength with the capability to tolerate reverse or pulsed flow and backflush regeneration for long service life when compared to competitive lenticular modules.  

Products for Particle Removal

Seitz K-Series Filter Sheets
Seitz K–Series Depth Filter SheetsThese sheets consist of a cellulose matrix which contains very fine kieselguhr mixtures and perlite as filtration-active substances.

Seitz T-Series Filter Sheets
Seitz T-Series Filter SheetsDepth filter sheets developed to meet the production needs and requirements of the distilled spirits industry.

SUPRAdisc II Modules
SUPRAdisc II Depth Filter ModulesIncreased capacity, reliability, handling advantages, and robustness.

White and Brown Spirits

Seitz IR Series Filter Sheets
Seitz IR Series Depth Filter SheetsDeveloped to meet the production needs and requirements of the distilled spirits industry.