SUPRAdisc™ II Depth Filter Modules

The Next Generation in Depth
Filter Module Technology

Arising out of the need to satisfy food and beverage customer requirements for higher performing lenticular depth filter modules, Pall Corporation has developed SUPRAdisc II modules, which offer increased capacity, reliability, handling advantages, and robustness as compared with classic stacked disc modules. Important cost savings are realized with  these next generation modules due to their unique design advantages.
  • Longer onstream life, due to highly efficient contaminant removal properties, highest utilization of depth filter area, no blinding of filter surfaces, and optimized flow distribution and drainage
  • Repeated use possible due to regenerability of the modules with backflushing 
  • Higher operational security due to resilience against vacuum or back pressure shocks, and no deformation from hot operation or sanitization and steaming
  • Better handling before and after operation, due to extremely robust design and protection of filter media from exposure and damage 
  • Higher product yields, as rest filtration in reverse flow mode is possible
  • Exceptional filtrate quality due to the use of proven and reliable filter media selections and module design