PROFi Batch System

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In order to make DE-free membrane technology accessible for breweries with a lower annual production capacity on an economically attractive basis, the PROFi Batch System was developed. The aim was to use the existing and proven PROFi system technology and design with minor modifications to the installation and process. The PROFi batch system fulfils the technological and economic requirements of breweries with an annual production capacity between 400,000 hl and 1,300,000 hl. 

The main difference between the standard PROFi system and the PROFi Batch system is the batch-wise operation mode. Filtration and regeneration take place one after another for the complete PROFi system. All the added benefits customers achieve by using the PROFi technology remain unaffected.

PROFi Membrane System - Batch Operation
PROFi Membrane System - Batch Operation

The system consists of 1 or 2 module blocks with 20 or 28 modules, depending on the required total flow rate.

PROFi Batch System - Range
Flow rate [hl/h] MBL Max. volume / day [hl]* Max. volume / year [hl]*
120 1 x20 1,920 480,000
160 1 x28 2,560 640,000
240 1 x20 3,840 960,000
320 2 x28 5,120 1,280,000
* Filterability 200 l/m², 4 cycles / day, 250 days / year