Total Fluid Management

Reliable Dairy Processing – Pall Total Fluid
ManagementSM (TFM) for Critical Process Control

With the Pall Dairy TFM programme, customers profit from maximum product safety, increased efficiency,
competitive advantage and fewer returns.

The Pall® TFM program brings together filtration and separation products with scientific services and intelligent and cost-effective fluid management systems.

The Pall TFM program is the first of its kind in the dairy industry. This program was developed by Pall to address food safety concerns and draws from many years of its experience with dairy customers.

This is why the Pall TFM program addresses every point in the process where a product might be in contact with microbial contaminants or processor survivors.

Figure 1 illustrates how Pall TFM can be applied in yogurt manufacturing. 

A preliminary risk assessment and process survey are used to determine the process critical points. Each critical point must be addressed individually and must be ascribed a specific filter sequence. Each filtration sequence includes exceptionally durable and reliable membrane filters for maximum biological protection against bacteria, endotoxins and viruses.

Figure 1: TFM applied to general yogurt processing.
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