Utilities Filtration for Food and Ingredients

Supporting food and food ingredient manufacturing processes, utilities represent one of the most basic but underpinning determinants of success in food plant operations. We purify utility fluids such as water, air, steam and other gases, securing their quality, enabling reuse, and ensuring good plant economics.


Utilities Filtration in the Food Industry Brochure provides an overview of Pall capabilities. Download PDF...


Gas Filtration

Solutions for gas filtration achieve particle removal, oil/water separation, and microbiological bioburden reduction or removal of microorganisms and phages. Examples of critical applications include sterile gas blanketing and venting of product storage tanks and aseptic fillers.


Steam is treated for debris and rust particle removal by robust and regenerable sintered stainless steel filters. For steam used in indirect heat exchangers, particle filtration protects heat transfer surfaces and ensures good heat transfer efficiency. Steam used for heating products by direct steam injection or which comes into contact with product-contact surfaces is filtered to culinary steam quality.


Water Filtration

Whether for plant incoming water treatment, process water point-of-use filtration, or process water recycling, our extensive experience with clarification, polishing, or critical sterilizing applications is at your disposal.


Some examples of water filtration duties are RO unit protection, sand filter backwash recovery, wash water recycling for fresh produce, CIP water protection, equipment seal protection, Giardia cyst and Cryptosporidium oocyst reduction, production of sterile water for aseptic applications, and wastewater secondary effluent treatment for boiler or cooling tower water reuse.


Pall Aria™ water treatment systems provide consistent and reliable filtrate quality and water cost savings. With over 200 of these regenerable hollow fiber membrane systems installed in food plants globally, we are ensuring sustainability and lowest cost of ownership in our customers’ daily operations.


Disposable filters for particle or microbial removal effectively handle small to mid-sized water streams. Large diameter cartridges provide particle filtration at a fraction of the cost of using classical filter cartridges.


Products for Gas Filtration

Final filters

Emflon® PFAW Filter Cartridges
Emflon PFAW cartridges are high capacity hydrophobic membrane filters designed for reliable reduction of particles and microorganisms in compressed gas and vent applications.

Emflon PFRW Filter Cartridges
Emflon PFRW cartridges are sterilizing grade hydrophobic membrane filters designed for reliable retention of bacteria and high levels of phages in compressed gas and vent applications.


Poly-Fine® II Filter Cartridges
Poly-Fine II filters consist of proprietary filter media for highly consistent performance and high contaminant holding capacity.

Profile® Star Filters
The Profile Star filter cartridge combines the advantages of a continuously graded pore structure and a unique pleated geometry to provide an increase in effective filtration area and service life.

Ultipor® GF Plus Filters
Ultipor GF Plus Filters – AB Cartridge StylePall Ultipor GF Plus filter cartridge are made with high void volume glass fiber media, which provides high particulate removal efficiency, low pressure drops and effective protection of downstream final gas filters. 


L/G Coalescers

LG Liquid and Gas Coalescing Filter Cartridges
LG Liquid and Gas Coalescing Filter CartridgesPall LG coalescing filter cartridges are designed for critical air or gas service applications where high-efficiency removal of oil or water droplets and particulate solids is required.


Steam Filters

PSS® Porous Metal Filter Cartridges
Robust, cleanable sintered stainless steel cartridges are recommended for steam service and high temperature gas filtration.


Products for Water Filtration

Claris® Filter Cartridges
Claris Filter CartridgesThese filters provide effective particle removal and the most cost efficient solution for applications within the food and beverage industry.

Fluorodyne® II DFL Membrane Filter Cartridges
Fluorodyne II DFL Membrane Filter CartridgesValidated 0.2 micron-rated sterilizing grade filters retain Brevundimonas diminuta (ATCC 19146) at 107 CFU/cm² effective filter area (EFA) and ensure very low extractables and adsorption.

Fuente Colloids Filter Cartridges
Fuente Colloids Filter CartridgesThese cartridges achieve highly effective particulate colloid removal from water. 

Fuente Final Filter
Fuente Final Filter For Beverage ApplicationsThe Fuente filter is designed for removal of particles and bacteria in water filtration applications.

Nexis® T Series Filter Cartridges
These filters are ideal for use in rigorous food and beverage clarification processes. Pall’s proprietary CoLD™ (Co-Located Large Diameter) fiber technology gives the Nexis T filters internal support combined with high dirt holding capacity.

Pall Aria AP-Series Water Treatment Systems
Pall Aria AP-Series Water Treatment SystemsPall Aria AP-Series hollow fiber water treatment systems are well suited to handling large water volumes from a variety of sources at food plants, providing consistent water filtrate quality.

Pall Aria™ FB System
Durable PVDF hollow fiber membrane systems produce consistent water quality, while ensuring high microbiological process safety.

Profile® Coreless Filter Elements
Profile Coreless Filter ElementsDesign eliminates the core to provide a convenient, cost efficient and environmentally-friendly solution for liquid clarification applications.

Profile® UP Filter Cartridge
Profile UP filter cartridges are pleated depth filters designed for high particle removal efficiency in food and beverage applications.

Ultipleat® High Flow Filter Elements (1 µm)
Ultipleat High Flow Filter Elements These filters are designed for fine particle removal from water.

Ultipleat® High Flow Filter Elements with Profile® UP Media
Ultipleat High Flow Filter Elements 
with Profile UP MediaThese filters are designed for high particle removal efficiency in high flow rate food and beverage applications.

Ultipor® N66 Filters
Ultipor N66 filter cartridges are specifically engineered for microbial stabilization of food and beverage products.