Ultipleat PK Filter

Flat panel display producers are constantly challenged to make evermore cost effective displays. Manufacturers of TFT-LCD (thin-film transistor liquid crystal display) displays, which comprise over 80% of the global flat panel market, must keep introducing new fabrication technologies to achieve the demand for increased pixel resolution.  In order to meet these challenges, for GEN 8 Fabs and beyond, contamination control of the liquids and gases used during manufacturing is vital.

Pall has a wide range of products specifically developed to handle the high flow rate applications required for 7G to 11G LCD processes.   

Finding a compatible and economical filter for photoresist dispense, substrate cleaning, etching, stripping and DI water rinsing is facilitated by our broad choice of membranes, particle-removal ratings and configurations.  In addition, Pall offers housings and capsules that can handle flow rates from several hundred liters per minute to1-2 mL/min. We also offer an extensive selection of gas filtration and purification products.

Whatever the application or requirement, Pall has the technology and expertise to enable the display manufacturer to reduce defects, minimize downtime, improve display quality and increase profitability.


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