Energy Transitions Solutions

Discover the filtration technologies supporting the transition to green energy.

Building a truly sustainable future requires and overhaul of complex processes, across the globe.


The pressure to use clean energy to power industrial operations and consumer services is building. However, the industry is still struggling with the challenge of how to do this at scale and in a cost-effective way.


Renewables have been a key focus for many years now, but each source has its limitations. If we are to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050, we need to harness clean power that is practical across production, storage, delivery and usage.


Pall’s holistic approach unlocks critical solutions— to enable a greener planet and better world.


EV Batteries



 As lithium-ion batteries continue to grow as a power source for transportation, filtration will play a critical role in enabling manufacturers to not only grow and diversify, but become key players in the transition to clean energy technology.







With global greenhouse gas emissions from transportation growing faster than any other sector, the use of advanced biofuels is an alternative to reducing our dependence on petroleum-based fuels and reducing climate change. Filtration technology selection is a critical component in production.






By processing organic waste, biogas offers an alternative to natural gas. This reduces waste in landfills, and mitigates methane emissions otherwise escaped. From installation to production, having cost-effective, reliable filtration solutions are essential to the adoption of this cleaner alternative.



Plastics Recycling



As the use of plastics grows at an unprecedented rate, millions of tons of plastic waste contribute to environmental pollution. Discover more about the plastic value chain, the various methods of recycling plastics, and how filtration affects final product quality.







Hydrogen power has been hailed as an essential component in the transition to renewable energy. But to make this a truly sustainable solution, efficient filtration and separation is key to making it a transformational energy source.




Carbon Capture 



Carbon capture, utilization and storage, or CCUS, is an important emissions reduction technology that can be applied across the energy system to achieve net-zero targets. Each capture and utilization approach has unique filtration and separation needs that can be addressed using Pall technologies.


 Sustainable Futures


Building a truly sustainable future requires an overhaul of complex processes, across the globe. Discover how Pall’s holistic approach unlocks critical solutions—to enable a greener planet and better world.




Materials science is at the foundation of filtration, separation and purification




 Filtration Evolution

  Filtration technology has evolved from a straightforward sieve process. Pall’s unique approach to media design and membrane technologies drives innovation in the industrial space.


Media Expertise

 Essential to providing the filtration, separation and purification technologies that are part of complex manufacturing processes. Pall has developed leading-edge computation to design filters tailored to specific customer needs.


Custom Media

 Our proprietary media enable customers to develop or manufacture new products, or manufacture existing products in a new way, and as a result, expand into new markets and grow their businesses.


 High Performance

 Pall’s high-performance media aligns to a broad range of customer processes and applications.

Green Transitions


The race to a zero-carbon future is on.

Whether it’s attaining “net zero” emissions through renewable resources like green hydrogen or getting more electric vehicles on the road, Pall is ready to help with the transition to greener technologies.