Pall’s Two-Step Filtration Method for Ethanol Extraction

Helping our customers achieve cost-effective, high quality solutions for cannabis oil using ethanol extraction

Producing Quality Cannabis Oil Using Ethanol Extraction

With a growing Cannabis oil market reaching $45 billion over the next four years, cannabis oil producers are looking to find economical methods to improve their extraction processes. CBD oil extraction using ethanol is growing in popularity but does pose challenges when it comes to the essential steps of color removal and clarification. Pall has worked with cannabis extract products using ethanol extraction equipment to develop a simple two-step filtration train to meet economic, quality, and clarity requirements.


Download our Cannabis Oil Ethanol Extraction Bulletin to Learn More About:


  • The challenges faced in ethanol extraction for cannabinoids and how our cost-effective filtration solutions can address them.
  • How our technology provides an easy, hygienic alternative to manual carbon addition or packed columns.
  • Why our solutions provide a cost-effective, reliable option for color removal and clarification.


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