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Protect Process Equipment In Polyethylene Production

The removal of harmful polyethylene (PE) fines from the gas stream is critical to protect process equipment from malfunction and ensure the highest polyolefin product quality. 


Gas Stream Recycling Process


Effective filtration during the gas stream recycling process is essential in polyolefin production to prevent the harmful buildup of PE fines that are often not fully polymerized and can become extremely sticky resulting in equipment failure. Pall’s advanced metal filter system is engineered to effectively remove disruptive fines downstream of the reactor and upstream of the compressor(s) without the potentially catastrophic risks that common bag filters present. Innovative cartridge filters eliminate the hazards associated with bag filters including ripping, sealing issues, and the potential ignition of fires by electrostatic sparks.  

PE Fines Removal Downstream of Pelletizer


Filtration of PE fines downstream of the pelletizer is key to ensuring the highest end product quality possible.  The filtration challenge at this stage involves frequent pressure cycling. Pall’s robust metal filtration system is unaffected by frequent pressure cycling, unlike bag filters that often fail and must be constantly replaced. In addition, superior cartridge filtration technology surpasses bag filters in performance resulting in a higher quality end product with fewer disruptions to the process due to filter maintenance.


Pall’s filtration solutions for polyethylene fines effectively eliminates PE fines and minimizes costly downtime. To learn more information contact a Pall expert today. 


Our superior portable filtration solutions allow for high-efficiency offline filtration of lubrication fluids in industrial manufacturing applications.


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