Polymer Filter Applications

Quality & Reliability

Pall Corporation is the international leader in the development and supply of materials and products for applications in polymer process filtration and separation. We provide a complete range of filters for the polymer industry, including candles, discs, and media for polymer processing. We also provide polymer filtration systems and polymer filtration services. We have over 30 years of experience in a wide range of applications including:



Polyester Fiber Production

Effective and reliable filtration during the process of polyester fiber production is essential to ensure the purity and consistency of final product. Throughout the production process, Pall filtration solutions have been applied to to reduce production downtime, spin breaks and waste polymer.

Polyester Film Production

Extruding and drawing polyester or polyethylene terephthalate (PET) to manufacture polyester film requires a consistently filtered feed of polymer material. Pall’s filtration solution for the polyester film process is specifically engineered to help eliminate gels and improve on-stream life for continuous operations.

Polyester Resin Production

Pall filtration solutions for polyethylene terephthalate (PET) resin production deliver efficient filtration of the monomer and polymer stages to produce a consistent and high quality PET resin. Our advanced proprietary technology optimizes pre-polymer and melt polymer quality by removing detrimental impurities such as agglomerations, gels, and hard contaminants while reducing downtime.

Nylon Production

Pall’s high-tech filtration solutions for the production of nylon 6 and nylon 6,6 deliver enhanced and balanced contaminant removal throughout the process to ensure a final nylon product with optimal properties.

Carbon Fiber Production

A balanced filtration approach is essential to the continuous production of high quality carbon fiber. Pall offers a variety of filtration solutions for ensuring reliable elimination of gels and hard contaminants from dope that otherwise negatively impacts the final tensile strength of carbon fiber.

Polycarbonate Production

Whether you make optical grade (OQ) or general purpose grade (GP) failure to efficiently filter feedstocks, pre-polymers and polymer melts can lead to a final polycarbonate product that is inadequate for end-use applications.  Pall Corporation has developed a high-tech, balanced filtration approach that enhances product quality while minimizing costly downtime for a streamlined polycarbonate production operation.

Polyurethane Production

Pall has engineered advanced filtration solutions for the process of polyurethane fiber (spandex) production. High performance filtration is essential for this intricate process to avoid the adverse and costly effects associated with the presence of contaminants such as gels and particulates.

Polypropylene Production

Pall Dynalloy® filter media is specifically designed to optimize particulate capture via its asymmetrical graded pore structure. Contaminated feedstocks can reduce reaction rates and yields or lead to off-specification final products that may not meet customer or market requirements for clarity or cleanliness.

Polyethylene Production

The accumulation of PE fines during the polyolefin production process degrades the final product and clogs critical equipment resulting in costly maintenance downtime. Pall filtration solutions utilize cartridges that prove more efficient and robust than bag filters commonly used to remove these damaging contaminants.

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