Eliminating gels and hard particles from polymer streams with industry leading solutions

The Power of Polymer Filtration


Pall Metal Polymer Filters Empower High Performance Manufacturers


Faced with rising production costs and increased competition, manufacturers in the polymers industry must find new ways to cut expenses, enhance efficiency, and decrease the amount of costly product contamination. Meeting these challenges requires real solutions that match the right product with the right application.


Pall Corporation has been a pioneer in solving difficult filtration challenges faced by manufacturers of high-performance fibers, films, and resins. Our products enable polymer producers to achieve highest quality of end product by capturing and removing both hard and soft contamination typically common to such processes. Our patented filter elements with unique filtration medium and construction enable long on stream life at lowest possible operating pressure drop. Our range of product portfolio is to lower production costs and increase plant capacity while achieving peak performance.

Why Choose Pall?


Our team has been providing cutting-edge, process-enabling solutions for the polymers industry for over 50 years. Through innovation and experience, we have evolved into the largest and most diverse filtration, separation and purification company in the world. Our industry recognized porous metal technology has further enhanced the wide range of solutions we can offer our customers.


Our polymer element and system design technology along with sintered metal fiber, sintered powder and wiremesh type filter delivers the broadest array of solutions suitable for all polymer producers.




Polymer Applications




The perfect process


Pall’s Advanced Metal Medium Technology for Polymer Production


Our metal medium portfolio consists of:


  • Sintered random metal fiber - DYNALLOY®, PMF®,
  • Sintered powder metal - PSS®
  • Sintered and unsintered wiremesh – DYNAMESH®, RIGIMESH®, SUPRAMESH®
  • Sintered composite medium
  • The properties of each of these medium are uniquely engineered to meet filtration challenges of capturing hard contamination and soft particulates such as gels and fish eyes


DYNALLOY® Filter Medium


Superior performance starts with the creation of the metal fiber. In our proprietary manufacturing process, metal fibers begin with wire drawing from stainless steel and other metal alloys. These microscopic filaments, as much as 30 times finer than a human hair and finer are sinter-bonded to form a durable, porous structure containing no binders. When fibers of different diameters are laid together, it results in a porous depthstructure that is extremely effective in capturuing hard and deformable gel-type contaminants. It also provideshigh dirt-holding capacity resulting in longer life with very low pressure drops. Strong sintering process along with metallic construction enables the medium to withstand temperatures as high as 1200˚F/ 649˚C and pressures up to 3,000 psid/207 bar without sacrificing filtration properties.


PMF Filter Medium


Our proprietary method of creating the PMF porous metal fiber filter medium results in a highly uniform structure with consistent filtration properties.


This medium consists of sintered stainless steel fibers configured to create a continuous tapered pore structure. The downstream region contains pores of a consistent diameter that provide reliable, absolute level filtration. The upstream section is made up of continuously varying pores from large to small, providing optimum pre-filtration. The unique structure of the PMF medium maximizes dirt capacity, resulting in a long service life.


Dynamesh Filter Medium


Dynamesh is our precision-woven wire cloth, surface type filter media, specially suited for applications with adverse pressure conditions and low contaminant loading. It's available in a variety of weaves and stainless steels ranging from 5µm to 400µ.


PSS Filter Medium


Our PSS media is constructed of stainless steel powders. The media are manufactured by a proprietary process that produces an open matrix of particles, all sinterbonded to each other at the contact points. Our unique powder laydown and sintering techniques are designed to attain an increased void volume and maximum uniformity. The increased void volume results in a significant increase in dirt holding capacity enabling long on-stream life. The service life between cleaning cycles is typically two or more times longer, resulting in fewer cleaning interruptions during polymer processing. As a result, your total cost of filtration is greatly reduced.


PSS media also delivers a much finer removal efficiency at an equal or lower pressure drop. This improvement, coupled with its excellent fluid shear characteristics, makes our PSS medium an ideal solution for polymer filtration applications where gel control is essential.


PMM Filter Medium


Pall’s porous metal membrane (PMM) medium is an extremely robust composite of stainless steel mesh and stainless steel powder. This structure is often leveraged as a drainage material or as a gel control layer in Pall filter element designs and offers great strength, permeability, and a smooth surface.




Pall has a long and successful history of developing customized polymer filter elements for high viscosity polymer processes. Whatever the end-product (fiber, resin or film) or end use (packaging, textile, electronic, medical), we have the experience and capability to customize a solution that is unique to your process and challenge. The fact that we design all critical components of polymer filtration systems – from the microscopic fibers used in our sintered metal fiber media to valves, segment filter elements, polymer candle cartridges and complete filter housings makes us uniquely capable to create a product solution that is right for you.


In addition, our sophisticated modeling capabilities accurately predict the pressure drop and residence type of the polymer through the entire filter r system ensuring a solution that is optimal for your process.


We are the only company in the world that provides totally integrated polymer filtration solutions, and our extensive experience gives us proven insight into how to meet the ever-increasing demands on film, fiber, and resin manufacturers. Pall’s unique design and fabrication expertise enables us to deliver customized products in short time frames – a capability you won’t find anywhere else.


We also manufacture a complete line of disposable and self-cleaning filters and liquid/liquid and liquid/gas separation devices, enabling us to offer a cost-effective solution for every step in your polymer process – from additives to extrusion.




Our innovative, integrated solutions result in the lowest cost of ownership possible.


No matter where in the world your plant is located, our network of experts can respond in 24 hours or less. Our experienced service team will assist with all aspects of your Pall polymer system including system installation and startup. We also provide comprehensive training for production personnel and offer a full range of maintenance and service contracts.


Unique in the filtration industry, specialists from Pall Scientific and Laboratory Services (SLS) can work with you to develop the best solutions to control gels and particulate removal needs.


This technical service involves extensive work both in the SLS laboratories, and in some instances on site.


Included as part of Pall’s extensive test facilities is a polymer melt extrusion test laboratory.


This test facility consists of a polymer dryer, extruder, feed pumps, filter housings, and associated controls and monitoring equipment. It is used in the development and optimization of filter media and element design for polymer melt applications. It also provides a very accurate means of predicting polymer filtration performance and a means of comparing filtration performance to other media and element designs. Test housings are available for flat sheet media, segments, and pleated elements. The capabilities include permeability and filter life determinations in actual polymer melt filtration service.




Ultipleat Plus Polymer Candle: Durable and cleanable filters for rigorous polymer service


  • Innovative crescent shaped pleat geometry packing almost double the filter area
  • Standard and custom element designs
  • Available in wide range of medium types and micron ratings


Pall Segment Filters:


  • Extensively used in high performance polymer applications
  • Highly efficient in removing hard and soft gel type contamination
  • Available in industry standard 7” & 12” od configurations with soft and hard hub
  • Cleanable and regenerable solution


CPF and Inline System Technology:


  • Horizontal and vertical configurations
  • Custom sized for each application to minimize pressure drop, residence time and enhance gel capture probability
  • Industry leading patented contoured spool type diverter valve design
  • Manual and electrical actuation
  • Liquid, vapor and electric heating options
  • Tried and true performance - 2500 plus systems in the field



Ultipleat High Flow Filters: These filters satisfy the need for economic and reliable filter systems for high applications.


  • Use high solids, low flux and operator friendly horizontal and vertical designs
  • Offer high flow rates per filter cartilage with filter elements delivering more than 500 gpm
  • The inside to outside flow configuration and coreless design with small housing diameter allows for compaction and easy disposal
  • Filter mediums constructed with pleated polypropylene, polyester, glass fiber and polyether sulfone membrane for high efficiency
  • Able to withstand differential pressures and temperatures of up to 50 psi and 200 F depending on type of medium (glass fiber or polypropylene).
  • Fixed pore media provide precise and reliable fluid quality


Profile® II Polypropylene Filter Cartridges:


  • Use and inner (downstream) section where the diameter is constant and the outer diameter (upstream section) varies continuously up to 120 micrometers depending on pore size.
  • Made at a lower density to increase void volume for more pores and longer service life
  • Constructed in ultra-thin continuous fibers with finest grade elements having absolute rating of 0.3 micrometers to accommodate greater number of pores within the filters
  • Cartridges are available in high quality polypropylene, nylon polyphenylene sulfide, and positively charged polypropylene listed on FDA
  • Absolute rated medium provide consistent, verifiable filtration for reproducible production yields and absolute particle retention


Nexis T Cartridges for Pre-filtration:


  • Have robust melt blown depth filters that are ideal for use in rigorous clarification and particle reduction applications
  • Continuous grades, fixed pores that provide pre- and fine filtration within the same cartridge
  • Co-located large diameter technology ensures efficient use of entire gradient depth of the filter resulting in high transport and high dirt holding capacity
  • High core center strength for various grades depending on size for high differential pressure conditions
  • Use of polypropylene without adhesives binders, epoxy resins and silicones allow for broad chemical compatibility and suitable for use in a variety of fluids
  • Manufactured with quality management systems certified by ISO 9001:2008

For more information on improving the efficiency of your processes, contact our team of filtration experts.