Filtration Solutions for Polycarbonate Production

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Pall Balanced Filtration Approach for Polycarbonate Production Process

Pall’s balanced filtration approach for the production of polycarbonate features advanced proprietary technology that enhances polycarbonate filtration performance and facilitates continuous operation for a truly optimized process.

Regardless of the process route (phosgene, non-phosgene or bio), Pall offers a wide variety of product solutions to suit every step of your production process.


Raw Material Filtration


Pall’s balanced filtration approach begins with the filtration of raw material and polycarbonate solution. Our polymeric media-based disposable filter portfolio offers many solutions for effective filtration of phosgene gas, bisphenol A (BPA, Phenol, Caustic, Additives, Solvents & Catalysts. Rigimesh & Dynamesh pleated sintered metal mesh filter features an absolute rated medium with high surface area for filtering PC solution. The advanced sintered design allows for a higher dirt holding capacity resulting in longer on-stream life and reduced maintenance frequency. The Pall’s filter solution is easily cleanable and robustly constructed for prolonged use.


PC Pre-polymer Filtration


Downstream of the reactors is the pre-polymer filter. Pall’s pre-polymer filter is customizable with a 2.5-10 micron PMF pleated metal fiber filter or 0.2 micron UltiKleen pleated PTFE filter, depending on the end use application of the polymer. With hard sintered true random fiber medium, tapered pore geometry, and high porosity, Pall’s pre-polymer filters have a high dirt holding capacity that removes oversized agglomerates and hard contamination with high efficiency and long on-stream life.


Polymer Melt Filtration


Melt filtration is the final polymer filtration step of the PC process, and is critical to ensuring the final product is of the highest quality. Pall’s melt filtration system solution features CPF technology with patented diverter valves for continuous operation. This along with Pall’s patented segment type element design utilizing a  unique composite metal medium (PMF) that combines random fiber, metal powder, and metal mesh sintered together, delivers the most effective, highest consistency filtration. This advanced filter system provides flexibility, as it can also be set up for optical or general purpose grade polymer production.


As the global leader in high-tech polymer filtration solutions, Pall segment and filter solutions have been extensively used by most major industry players for the production of all varieties of polycarbonate grades


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Our superior portable filtration solutions allow for high-efficiency offline filtration of lubrication fluids in industrial manufacturing applications.


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