Polyester Film Production

Utilize advanced proprietary technology to increase product consistency and quality with reduced downtime, for an efficiently streamlined BOPET film manufacturing process

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Pall Filtration Solution for the BOPET (Biaxially Oriented PolyEthylene Terepthalate (BOPET) Film Manufacturing Process

Pall filtration solutions for the polyester film process utilize advanced proprietary technology to increase product consistency and quality with reduced downtime, for an efficiently streamlined operation.


Effective filtration is extremely important at the onset of the polyester film process, which begins with an extruded PET melt. Polyester melt must be filtered for the removal of soft and hard particulates such as gels and physical contamination that can cause tears, create fisheyes or other such abnormalities on the surface of film. Lack of quality filtration can result in frequent or filter changes that are costly and disruptive to the continuous polyester film manufacturing process.


To remedy these problems, we have developed the most advanced solution for PET melt filtration available. Using CPF technology with leaf disc and Dynalloy type sintered metal fiber with wire mesh support, our continuous melt filtration is ideal for gel and particulate removal. With its patented diverter valve, operations remain continuous as filter shifts are bumpless and transparent. This high-quality filtration and seamless filter shifting is necessary for the elimination of costly downtime associated with film tearing during the stretching and filter changeover operations. The 3000 psid rated filter unit experiences very low pressure drop and stable DP rise for the smoothest filtration possible – resulting in a premium polyester film end product and less costly downtime


Our systems and products have been extensively used in BOPET film production process across almost all major licensor processes. Our leaf discs and segment products are capable of achieving sub-micron level absolute filtration for wide variety of end use film application.


Whether you are producing optical grade or packaging grade film quality, now is the time to improve the efficiency of your PET film manufacturing process. Contact Pall’s knowledgeable team of filtration experts today.

Our superior portable filtration solutions allow for high-efficiency offline filtration of lubrication fluids in industrial manufacturing applications.


To learn more about how our polyster film production solutions can meet your needs, contact our filtration experts.

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