Polymer Filtration Services

Leverage Pall’s filtration expertise

Pall offers a variety of services to support our customers' needs. From assisting with design to testing final product and everything in between, Pall's team of experts are ready to help with your project, from start to finish. We offer education & training, testing, support, and service to ensure you get all of the answers you need.

Education & Training

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Pall provides training focused on filtration processes, applications, and products to enhance your teams’ understanding of the impact of filtration within your business. Let our experts help you develop the knowledge necessary to better understand the importance and impact of filtration and separation within your business. 



Our goal


To leverage Pall’s filtration expertise to:


  • Create more filtration experts at your company
  • Provide you with the knowledge necessary to make important filtration decisions
  • Share case studies and lessons learned to help you avoid potential pitfalls

Your benefits


After training, you should have:


  • An increased understanding of the impact of filtration
  • Confidence in making educated filtration decisions
  • An improved ability to design filtration into your processes
  • The opportunity to increase product quality, reduce downtime and wasted product, and save money


Program elements

Focused training program on:


  • Filter media selection
  • Filtration and separation techniques
  • Continuous filtration
  • Practical examples and case studies 


Target audience 

  • Process Engineers
  • Quality Engineers
  • Research & Development


Customize your program using the following training modules


Service & Support

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No matter where your plant is located, Pall’s local network of experts can respond quickly. Our experienced service team will assist with all aspects of your polymer systems, including system installation and startup. We also provide comprehensive training for production personnel and offer a full range of maintenance and service contracts.



Design Services



Whether you just need a new filter media or an entire system design, you can rely on Pall's team of experts to guide you in the right direction. We start by first understanding your current process and goals to best recommend a media, filter, and system design for you.


Pall does not offer "off-the-shelf" designs, meaning that each of our products is made specifically with the individual customer's specifications in mind. We take into account properties such as:


  • Flow rate
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Viscosity
  • Shear rate
  • Maximum allowable residence time
  • Removal rating
  • Process connections
  • Heating options
  • Design code (stamp/certification)


...along with many others to ensure that the solution has superior performance.



Gap Assessment



Not sure if your filtration is adequate or if it is effective as possible? Pall's program offers you the opportunity to have an on-site walkthrough of your production line with an application expert in order to identify filtration gaps. Let our team of experts provide you with an assessment of where your filtration gaps are and how to improve them.



Our aim


To leverage Pall’s team of filtration and application expertise to:


  • Identify filtration and/or separation shortfalls
  • Recommend ways to overcome current filtration shortcomings
  • Assist in fixing quality issues stemming from inadequate filtration

Your benefits


  • An expert walkthrough of your line/facility
  • A customized report recognizing filtration gaps
  • Recommendations to increase product quality and save money


How we do it


We send one of our experts to perform an on-site walkthrough of your facility or production line to:


  • Assess the current filtration situation
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Recommend specific filters and housings for individual applications
  • Analyze the root cause of specific issues related to product quality & filtration


What you‘ll receive


  • A face-to-face visit with an application specialist
  • An expert walkthrough of your line/facility
  • A customized report recognizing filtration gaps
  • Recommendations to help you increase product quality and save money

Service Specialists from Pall’s Scientific and Laboratory Services (SLS) can work with you to develop the best solutions to gel control and particulate removal needs. This technical service involves extensive work both in the SLS laboratories, and in some cases, at the customer’s site. Pall provides product material characterization and performance characterization using state-of-the-industry analytical techniques and instrumentation.


These capabilities include:


  • Metal fiber and fiber product bulk and surface chemical analysis
  • Metal fiber and fiber product compatibility analysis
  • Tensile, compressive, and cyclic mechanical properties analysis
  • Filtration property analysis focusing on permeability and removal efficiency
  • In-house lab trials using customer materials
  • Simulated product life testing
  • Materials selection
  • Field performance analysis