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Since 1946, we have pushed the limits of science and technology to solve the most complex filtration, separation and purification challenges.

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Our global Scientific and Laboratory Services and technical support teams offer unparalleled expertise – which is why you’ll turn to them time and again to solve your toughest challenges.




New SupralonTM Filter Element: Advanced Protection and Reduced Costs


Supralon filter elements incorporate a new pack construction with filter media utilizing stress-resistant technology (SRT) to help protect and prolong the life of equipment in industrial applications.



Passionate about solving your toughest challenges.


Where others see something that can’t be done, we jump in fully committed to do it.  Filtration, separation and purification – that’s what we do for customers who want to safeguard health, protect critical assets, improve product quality, and minimize emissions and waste.


As the demand for EV batteries grows so does the need for filtration technology.


Filtration plays a critical role in enabling manufacturers not only to grow and diversify, but become key players in the transition to clean energy. With our proven expertise in filtration and separation technologies across a broad spectrum of industries, we are your perfect partner in the EV battery sector.