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Steam is a basic but essential utility used in food and beverage plants. As an integral part of food production, it facilitates a wide range of operations and processes. But did you know rust and debris in your steam lines must be removed by using steam filters?


Reducing downtime and the time for each metal element change-out out for steam filtration is a challenge for maintenance managers.  Therefore, the demand for high-quality metal elements with a long service life that also meet production timelines is essential.

The innovation journey begins now. Help us develop a new steam filter that solves your food and beverage production challenges.


We are committed to providing our customers with consistent, reliable products that help solve the most difficult challenges. The focus of our new product development is offering an innovative solution with twice the filter surface area, developing a successful new steam filter product is quite complex. That is where customer feedback comes in. By listening to the people who will use the products, we can better understand your needs, preferences and pain points to craft the right product.


Be a part of the product development process, please take the 5-minute survey here.



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