July 22, 2021: Pall Provides Scalable Manufacturing Technology to Swiss Training Center to Support Gene Therapy Manufacturing Upskilling in Europe

The continuing growth of gene therapies and genetic vaccines, and the processes that manufacture them at all scales, continues to highlight the need for scalable manufacturing solutions and the expertise to develop and run these processes.

Continuing the strong partnership we first announced in 2017 and to support the regional biotech industry and to close the skills gap, we have agreed to provide a full range of gene therapy manufacturing technology at process development scale to the Biofactory Competence Center (BCC) located in Fribourg, Switzerland.

The collection of technologies, including our bioreactors for both adherent and suspension cell culture, purification systems, mixing, filtration and fluid handling technology, is supported with associated analytics from fellow Danaher operating companies Cytiva and Beckman Coulter Life Sciences respectively.

The equipment will be situated in a dedicated suite within the BCC, and is expected to be fully operational within the first half of 2022.

Professor Ian Marison, CEO of BCC, commented: “The new technology will provide a very broad range of practical experience for our trainees, complementing the thorough theoretical training we already give in this area. The equipment will also enable us to undertake specific process development work for clients in the gene therapy space”.

Clive Glover, General Manager of our gene therapy business said, “We recognise the urgent need for more training in the area of gene therapy manufacturing in Europe and are very pleased to support the industry and collaborate with the BCC in this regard.”

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